Trees add so much value to our gardens and yards that it can be difficult to make the decision to have them removed. But when a tree poses a risk to humans and structures or if it has become damaged, decayed or died, there may be little option but to have it permanently removed.

So how do you decide when is the best time for tree removal?

The following factors play an important role in choosing a good time to have a tree removed:

1. A Hazardous Risk

When a tree becomes a hazard, it is better to have it removed sooner rather than later, regardless of the other factors listed below. A tree becomes hazardous if it has branches that overhang a structure. These branches can collapse due to weather conditions or under the sheer weight of the leaves causing major damage to a roof, walls or other structural elements. Branches that are damaged or decayed may also be a reason for immediate removal of a tree.  A proper pruning would be in order so that it can keep only the healthy branches and cut off the damaged ones that are only draining valuable resources from the tree.

2. A Dead Tree

A tree that has died adds no value and can also be hazardous. Dead trees can be removed at any time as the other factors for the best time for tree removal will have very little effect on the removal. Once again, sooner rather than later is the best rule to follow as the tree can fall over or loose branches can be a hazard.


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3. Root Structure

Trees that have extensive root structures should also be removed as soon as possible. These roots can grow into water and drainage pipes causing significant damage and blockages. Roots also pose a threat to the foundation of a structure and can weaken or even damage it.

4. Diseased Or Infected Trees

Diseased trees or those that have become infected with parasites or fungus are another good reason for immediate removal. The disease, fungus or parasites pose a threat to the rest of the trees or plants in your garden and this risk should be eliminated as soon as possible to prevent the spread of the infection.

5. Time Of Year

Trees that are still living and do not pose an immediate risk should preferably be removed during their dormant season. This mainly applies to deciduous trees that have a seasonal cycle. The dormant season normally occurs at the end of winter just before new leaf shoots arrive in the spring.

The reason that this is the best time of year is because the tree carries less foliage and is therefore much easier to cut down, cut up and remove. In addition, it is far less messy to remove the tree at this time. The ground has also just begun to thaw at the start of spring making it soft enough to remove the roots while ensuring that it is hard enough for any surrounding trees and plants to remain stable and in place.

The ground factor means that this is also a good time to remove evergreen trees or trees that do not lose their leaves in the fall and sprout new ones in the spring.

6. The Cost

Tree fellers, an arborist and other type of tree removal expert will charge more to remove trees during the busy season which is between winter and spring. Opting to have the trees removed a little earlier, out of this peak season, can save you some of the expense of having the tree expertly removed. Earlier in the winter months is ideal if you are looking for a more cost-effective professional tree removal service.

Always keep in mind that tree removal is a hazardous process and the task is best left Portland Tree Service experts.

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