Tree Trimming Portland Oregon

Tree Trimming and tree pruning are similar in that they will both eliminate parts of a tree that are hurting the overall health of the tree.  Trust the professional team at R&H Tree Service LLC to keep your surroundings looking healthy and aesthetically pleasing. We can shape the trees surrounding your home or commercial property and remove any branches that are deteriorating the health of the overall tree to keep it healthy and strong.  We can also trim any branches that are preventing you from looking at a desired view or are growing into something hazardous such as power wires or into your house!

Portland Tree Trimming, Timing is Everything

The thing that determines how frequent a tree needs trimming is determined by the type of tree and what condition it is found in.  If the trees in your area have not been trimmed on a regular bases then the best time to do the tree trimming is as soon as possible.  If you have been able to maintain and keep your trees trimmed then the time is determined by what type of tree it is.

A Full Tree Trimming is a Visual Upgrade

Our goal is to not damage the aesthetic visual effect of a tree and leave it looking trimmed, chopped up or wrecked when trimmed. We want to make the tree look better. We combine aesthetics with performance, by removing any dying or dead branches that are currently leaching off nutrients that could be better spent in other healthier parts of the tree and preventing healthy growth.  Also clearing any branches that are overgrowing and rubbing or growing into your home and hurting the visual aspect of what nature intended by making sure that your trees, bushes, shrubs all look picture perfect. 

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    Our Tree Trimming Service is effective for:

      Dead or dying branches
      Hazardous branches that hang over powerlines or car parking areas
     Branches that cover your roof (these cause moss growth on roofs)
      Branches that don't get proper sunlight (these would be wasting resources that can be used in other parts of the tree for example keeping a healthy trunk)
      Aesthetic garden beauty that improves with age

    Different Forms of Portland Tree Trimming


    Crown Resizing

    When a tree grows to big for its surrounding a normal solution would be to either uproot and replant it or to remove it all together.  There is an alternative solution call Crown Reduction Pruning. This method involves cutting back the tips which would leave some branches to create a lower crown.  This not only leaves room for more growth but since we cut as specific points we leave the health of the tree intact which should let it continue to grow but in a way that we want which is to be safe and will be able to fit in the space permitted.


    Crown Restoration

    The first pruning can be the first step for the process of restoration after a tree has been “topped”.  We increase the sunlight for the new leader branches and make sure they are evenly separated. When done right after a few years the tree that had been damaged can start thriving for years on through.  You can trust that R&H Tree Service LLC can restore a crown implementing many years of experience to make sure the technique is done correctly.


    Lifting and Re-Crowning

    The proper way to promote healthy upward growth for a tree is to remove branches from the bottom.  Tree growth is caused by how much sunlight a branch has available to it. The sunlight delivers nutrition to branches and when a tree branch doesn’t get the proper nutrition it will become unhealthy and start to die off.  This normally happens near the bottom of a tree. We help tree growth by removing the bottom tree branches that aren’t getting enough sunline in order to anticipate any dying off that can be potentially dangerous and can begin to fall at unexpected times.  

    Tree Trimming Gresham OR


    We all know those wind storms that we get all throughout the Pacific Northwest.  Whether in Gresham, Sandy, Portland Metro Area, Beaverton, Hillsboro, Tigard or Clackamas.  When the wind starts blowing one thing that is going to happen is branches and sometimes even whole trees will start falling.  Many times taking out power lines and even houses and cars. These dangers can be prevented simply by taking some time and investing in some proper tree trimming and who else to do it better than a trained professional with many years of experience from R&H Tree Service LLC.  It’s better to remove those branches that are dying off as soon as possible in order to prevent them from flying off and causing damage. If they are left on then they can deteriorate the overall health of a tree and can potentially cause it to die off and eventually the tree will be the next thing coming down during the next windstorm.