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Our beautiful city, is known for its beautiful 2-3 months of summers and 9 months of heavy rainfall. That is why it is an important factor to consider the timing of pruning and the type of pruning. Above all tree pruning is crucial for the health of the tree and to keep it in good maintenance in Portland.

Your Portland Tree Service company will ensure the overall health of your tree is in good shape by doing the right type of pruning. Tree pruning is a skill that  R&H Tree Service LLC has taken a lot of pride in and will make sure that when you hire us we will do the best tree pruning for you.

When to do Portland Tree Pruning

The simple yet complicated answer is, it depends because there is no set specific time to prune a tree. When you have a skilled certified Portland Arborist, any tree can be pruned anytime of the year. As we have stated above.  To have a healthy good looking tree you must allow us to do the proper maintenance it deserves. We have had the pleasure of working with many different property owners who do consistent tree maintenance because they want their trees to be certain shape to have their home be more appealing.

Tree Pruning During the Summer

Pruning would be most effective after the seasonal growth has finished.  We would slow down the growth and development of unwanted tree branches that aren't wanted in order to help strengthen and direct growth to branches we do want growing big and strong.  Pruning is effective because we are slowing down the growth of bad branches and prioritizing which branches you want to grow by reducing the total "leaf surface" which can reduce the amount of nutrients that are sent to the roots.  Defective limbs are more easily identified after a good pruning as some are weight down too far by the weight of the leaves.

Pruning During the Winter

This is sometimes the most common time to prune a tree because it is often during dormancy.  Essentially we are setting up for a vigorous new growth during spring so it is a form of planning ahead to reap the rewards of the future.  As general practice we want to wait for the coldest part of winter to pass before having our team perform Portland Tree Pruning.  Some of the trees we have throughout the Pacific Northwest may being to "bleed" by releasing sap.  Although this is not anything harmful and it should stop once a tree begins to leaf out.

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    Key Benefits of Tree Pruning

    There are many benefits to tree pruning. When you contract us to take care of your tree we will evaluate everything that needs to be done for the reason being. Below are more benefits to why you should consider tree pruning:

     An unbalanced tree can cause some safety concerns, that is why we would consider to balancing that out

      The top of a tree could be too heavy and could cause property damage when a windstorm hits.
      Too many dead branches.

      Pruning can improve the overall look of the tree and more appealing to your yard.