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    Portland Stump Grinding

    To perform great tree services for our clients we make sure to be equipped with the best stump removal equipment for any stump size. R&H Tree Service LLC is well recognized as the best Portland stump grinders by our clients, one of the reasons is because we have state of the art grinders and equipment. We will ensure you that we can fully remove the remaining tree trunk in your residential or commercial property.


    What Does Stump Grinding Portland OR Entail


    Regardless the size of the stump, R&H Tree Service LLC will make sure perform the tree trunk removal service with our best equipment and efficient technique. It is important to hire a professional stump grinding team to remove your trees. Trying to perform this type of job can be extremely dangerous if an untrained person is using heavy duty equipment or alternative methods such as drilling and pouring gas into the trunk. We take pride in our work and can credit the many years of experience which will leave you with the best results for the tree services you need.


    Stump Grinding Cost In Portland


    Sometimes stumps and tree trunks can get in the way of you doing your regular landscaping maintenance like mowing your lawn. Leaving a trunk in your yard can potentially damage your equipment for example if a lawn mower goes and hits the stump. Eventually as time goes by weeds and sprouts start to grow out of the tree stump. The tree stump can also become a dangerous spot for children running around the yard because it can be hidden in the grass. That is why R&H Tree Service LLC will take care of your pdx stump grinding needs to make your yard a beautiful place to be in.

    Before removing a stump we want to ensure a professional has evaluated the property at no cost and from there give you the best pricing in the market.


    Key Benefits of the Stump Grinding Service

    Professionally equipped and experienced. R&H Tree Service experts carefully stump grind your tree leaving your property well designed for new planting or expanding your lawn. Whether you are looking for some Portland tree service or some tree trimming, we are only a call away.

      Extend your home with a beautiful garden

      Your property value increases many times initial value
     Aesthetic garden beauty that improves with age
      Allround certified and insured arborist
      Our tree experts attend annual training seminars

    Our Portland stump grinding division has many years of experience in all phases of landscaping, tree services and our customer focused approach makes us the best stump grinding company!
    We have the team and equipment that many tree service companies do not have. Which makes us have very powerful capabilities!
    We are truly committed to our customers and Portland property owners. Your trust matters!
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